I found this article through a link roundup on The (now gone) Toast and of course I was going to read “7 Ways To Make Your Day A Little Bit Better” because I always like to read how to improve my life–until the advice sounds too hard or involved. But these? They’re all really smart and small and actionable, even if you’re lazy about self-improvement. My favorites:

1. Learn something new
Every single day, look for an opportunity to expand your knowledge. Listen to a podcast, read an interesting article, learn something from a friend. Remember, everyone you meet knows something you don’t.

4. Fortify yourself
Actively decide to eat well, move more and sleep better. Every bite of food, every extra step and every extra hour of rest has a significant impact. Your everyday decisions affect the quality of your health and life.

6. Do something meaningful
No matter how small, do something that somehow improves the world. It may be as simple as picking up a piece of garbage on the street.