I’ve been mentioning “bathroom remodel” here a little bit in passing but spared you the month’s worth of back and forth after I realized my plans to upgrade the master bathroom just weren’t going to work (short version: most things would have been a compromise for budget, so I’m just going to wait).

But that doesn’t mean my dad escaped being put to hard labor, oh no–I decided that the hall bathroom could get a new floor and some cosmetic improvements on my budget, so that started yesterday:

I’ll be staining the builder’s grade vanity dark (using this Pinterest tutorial of a thousand Pins) and bought a new countertop to replace the bad fake-granite formica that was there.


Lest you think I’m a badass who can rip out floors,  my role is similar to Toby’s here: inspect and be very interested, but hide under the bed during the actual work (not literally, but I didn’t plan to take time off to help Dad, which I now regret).   IMG_7072

And the only reason I can make any of this fit my “budget” is because I am forcing my dad to do hard labor for free. So thanks, Dad. Toby thinks all your work is top-notch and I do too.