Last week the bird feeder I’d been using for 2.5 years here fell down somehow, which broke the glass and put it out of commission. So last weekend I comparison shopped and got a new, deluxe feeder, one that holds about a metric ton of seed and has a roof and drainage and even two baskets for suet cakes.

I thought the birds would be all over their upgraded feeder (and the suet), but no. In 8 days, no bird has landed on it. The sparrows’ consternation the first two days was almost funny–while I assumed they’d get over it. Now it’s just strange. I have taken to shaking all of that seed out of the feeder to the ground, where the birds will finally eat it.

I don’t think I’ve lost any bird visitors–and the quail are really happy about all that seed on the ground–but what should I do? Just wait it out? Enter into a contest of wills with the sparrows? It says something about my mental state lately that I think that’s a fine plan.