I am a few days into a funk of not knowing what to eat–which, if you’ve met me, is kind of a big deal, because I pretty much get through the days by looking forward to the next meal. It’s a problem.

I got home last night and nothing sounded good but then I thought, “Maybe an omelette?” And I made one and it almost hit the spot and reminded me of this quote from M.F.K. Fisher’s “A is for Dining Alone” essay:

I treated myself fairly dispassionately as a marketable thing, at least from ten to six daily, in a Hollywood studio story department, and I fed myself to maintain top efficiency…I tried to apply what I knew of proteins and so forth to my own chemical pattern, and I deliberately scrambled two eggs in a little sweet butter when quite often I would have liked a glass of sherry and a hot bath and to hell with food.