Good morning from a totally normal, low-stakes Election Day in America! HA! Hahahaha! If you have already voted, please join me in looking at these arts and pretending we are in them, instead of waiting for whatever fresh hell today will bring.

Wouldn’t we like to live in these vintage illustrations for Heidi?

Edna Cooke Shoemaker

Just frolicking with our goats, not a care in the world.


Wouldn’t it be nice to just be sitting on a rock with your BFF?

Maxfield Parrish


Wouldn’t we all like to be lounging somewhat angrily in an apple orchard, maybe thinking up spells and definitely wearing velvet?

John Everett Millais


Wouldn’t it be great to be waiting for our magic boat to take us to our magic city?

Franklin Booth

Magic Boat Party 2024!