The autumnal equinox is tonight, a point of balance in the year. You can get the science behind it here and the human rituals behind it here. And, as always, you can get your hippie on with the Mystic Mamma site:

Light and Dark, Life and Death, these are natural states in the continuum of all of Life. We cannot disconnect one from the other, and we can not deny that both are part of the whole of experience. We must see the beauty in both, the beauty in pain, the beauty in the struggle, the beauty in darkness of the night as well as the beauty in the light of day and the birth of the new emerging.

Looking back at the archives here and my life-long dread of the cold and dark, I realize I get mild Seasonal Affective Disorder every winter and the fall equinox marks the start of that. But March this year was also really hard for me, and when I read this post about the equinoxes and mental health, it all clicked. So I’m sharing it here along with the hippie thoughts. Just breathe. We can do this.