This isn’t the drawing memory. But it’s still cool.

I was clicking through a blog of cool ephemera and saw the image above and something about the perspective and how it floated in space and the general early 90s vibes nudged part of my brain. “Wasn’t there a show on PBS in the early 90s where a guy drew on glass and made a big mural of stuff floating in space with lots of perspective?”  Reader, there was.

Who remembers Commander Mark and The Secret City??? I could only remember his catchphrase–“draw, draw, draw, every single day”–but that and “PBS drawing teacher” was enough to get me to Reddit and from there to YouTube.

Drawing on glass was the COOLEST thing to Young Me:

And the RUSH of serotonin I got when I saw that big mural again! I might need to try making my own weird secret city again.