When I posted yesterday’s pants on Instagram, I commented that my new goal was to dress like a Swedish art teacher. My style is definitely changing: Shirts and pants suddenly can’t be loose enough. I’m stomping around in clogs and orthopedic shoes. I joke that this new look might as well announce, “I eschew the male gaze,” and I love it.

This article–about Jane Jacobs, Georgia O’Keefe, and their Marimekko dresses–sums up a little of what I’m going after:

“Eugenia Sheppard, the fashion critic for the New York Herald Tribune, called such dresses ‘a uniform for intellectuals…Marimekko is for women whose way of wearing clothes is to forget what they have on.’

[…] These dresses are the opposite of the tailored and belted and solid-color sheaths worn as a kind of female armor by Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Selina Meyer on “Veep”—and by the Trump women. They aren’t feminine interpretations of the suit-as-uniform but dissent from the idea of sucking it in and putting on a show.”