Of course I ordered stone beads and threads and findings after I talked about making a necklace–the best part of a hobby is buying things for it. I jumped right in to the tutorial and it turns out…getting the knots in the right place is a lot harder than it looks:


And as much as I tried to remember that you don’t have to be good at your hobbies, I was getting frustrated, so I cut it all apart and started practicing with the spare beads and thread:


Practicing helps! But at this point I was unhappy with the bead quality and the colors (that Etsy seller the tutorial recommended really doesn’t deliver colors that match what they show on screen) and my lack of IMMEDIATE EXPERTISE and was full of seasonal malaise to boot, so I put it away.

Will I finish this hobby? I don’t know; I don’t wear jewelry in my day-to-day, nor do I leave the house much (perhaps this is contributing to my malaise???). Maybe I’ll try again when I can remember these wise words better: