As I said yesterday, I feel as if summer is passing me by. That might be due to the fact that I’m not spending a lot of time on the patio in the evenings, and here’s why:

1. Mosquitoes. They are the devil. They are bad this year, after all that rain. I was outside for about half an hour last night and got three bites. Currently, I have three bites just on my FACE. Mosquito fail.

2. The neighbor’s kitten. This kitten is not the devil; it’s the cutest roly-poly tabby who purrs furiously when you pick it up. But the neighbor girl who “owns” it leaves it out at night, starting at about 6:00, and it’s either crying at their door, wanting to play with us, or crying at OUR door. Toby does not like this one bit, and neither do I: Who leaves their tiny kitten outside all night without a bed to sleep on*? At least it has food and water, but still–cat ownership FAIL.

*I am debating taking the final step towards totally becoming my mother (who always has sheltered strays) and getting that kitten a little cat house with a bed in it. I doubt the neighbor is going to let it sleep inside; we can’t steal it to live with us; and I don’t think we can say it’s a stray and call a rescue shelter. But I can at least make sure it has somewhere to sleep that’s not on a concrete patio or in the grass.