So the neighbor kitten that’s getting left out all night was left out all day AND all night, all weekend. It discovered Toby’s veranda Saturday morning:
Saturday night he sat on top of the veranda (with Toby in the veranda), looking in as we watched a movie.

This is kind of an impossible situation: Toby does not immediately try to attack the kitten, but 1.) we don’t have room for two cats in the apartment and 2.) Toby can’t have a cat roommate that goes in and out while he remains an inside-only cat. Also, Christopher Kitten* is scaring away all the quail and quail chicks.

Some of my neighbors were outside last night and I geared up for a lecture about responsible pet ownership, but it turned out they were the housemates of the girl who “owns” the kitten, not the girl herself. The housemates said that they’d been watching out for Christopher Kitten, too, because owner-girl doesn’t let him in a lot because he’s “too frisky” (!) and sometimes forgets to feed him (!!). What a despicable woman.

So…what happens now? I guess I could be justified in calling CAWS and getting Christopher Kitten fostered, since he does seem to be neglected by his owner. It also sounded like the housemates were looking for a new place to rent and wanted to take Christopher with them, but I don’t know if I can count on them. Does any blog reader out there want a kitten?

*Yes, I named him. It’s a problem.