Our stray Oliver hasn’t been around since Friday night and we’re both pretty worried.

He had some sniffles Friday, so over the past four days I’ve imagined every scenario, most of them awful: His sniffles meant he couldn’t hear well, so a car got him. He surprised a raccoon and got in a fight and is hurt. He was sick enough animal control was able to catch him (generally a death sentence for a feral cat; they’re not very adoptable). Or he’s locked in someone’s shed or garage and can’t get out. I have about ten more scenarios in my head, none of them good.

We’ve been out walking, looking for any sign of him, calling his name (that he doesn’t really know). We’ve checked the shelter intake lists, just in case. I guess the next step is Lost Cat posters: “He’s pretty wild and doesn’t know his name and you can’t touch him, but he’s a good cat and we miss him.”

I don’t know. Sometimes he wasn’t very hungry when he would show up so we thought another house was feeding him. Maybe that house saw he was sick and took him in to the vet and got him fixed right away, like we meant to do, and they’re keeping him inside?



Just for something happier, here is a picture of Toby who stays inside always. He’s been extra cute lately; I think he wonders where Oliver is too.