I found a new Instagram account to follow: Laguna Vintage, a dealer in vintage children’s books. Their feed is equal parts “wow, what great art” and “holy nostalgia, I remember that one!”.Β  Here’s a few that caught my eye this morning–cozy/cared for vibes for a week when it feels too hard to be the grown up.

Oh, to hibernate in a cozy ivy-covered bower:
(Das MΓ€rchen illustrated by Gottfried Kumpf, 1992)


Oh, to be a tiger on a flower:
(Tiger Flower by Robert Vavra, paintings by Fleur Cowles, 1968)


Oh, to be a lizard in a pocket:
(Izzard by Lonzo Anderson, illustrated by Adrienne Adams, 1973)


Oh, to be personally attacked by a children’s book:
(My Birthday Book illustrated by Anne Sellers Leaf, 1976)