After a few months of modifications and no knitting, my tennis elbow doesn’t bother me at all at the gym now. I always assumed the gym was the culprit and not the knitting, but I picked up February’s abandoned sock two nights ago and only got two rows done before I could feel that I’d regret it if I kept going.

So…I guess I don’t knit now? It’s one thing to not have anywhere to wear the clothes I sew, but it’s a million times more frustrating to not be able to physically do the other hobby I enjoy. Do I wear a brace? Do I learn how to knit Continental? (It’s my right elbow; I think the yarn “throwing” is what’s doing it.) Any knitters out there have tips?

Yarn from local dyer Llama Lovejoy that I would love to knit but is just sitting in the stash. 🙁