I got served the jacket below in an Instagram ad and discovered the world of Free People fleece (Free People is from the same parent brand as Anthropologie, so expect inflated prices and questionable quality.) They’re all a high-pile fleece, with a contrast nylon trim and snaps, and I’m sure I could adapt the Green Pepper pattern I used for Doc really easily.

This is “Luxe Fleece” from Joann, so not quite as fuzzy, but with some orange-y red trim I think it could be pretty convincing.

I was really tempted to buy this for the print, but I cannot with $148 for a pullover. Also, I saw this sherpa fleece at Joann–the print is more similar to the jacket above, but the colors are similar, especially with an accent of peach:

I would love to find a placed print like this, but until then, this chartreuse high-pile fleece is name-brand Polartec, and could look really sharp with some neon accents: