Last year, fancy handbag company Clare Vivier offered a sweatshirt with lyrics from a disco classic on it:

Honestly, I think the design was less because someone loved Chic and more because the designer googled “French phrases,” but it doesn’t matter because it is sold out (and was $125).

One year later, I’m still listening to disco and will always have a love of niche words on clothing, so when I saw that Everlane had this lightweight sweatshirt on sale, it all clicked into place.

Just get these iron-on letters and pick your favorite disco lyric. Sure, I could copy the exact phrase from “Le Freak,” but why not go even more niche and do “Macho Woman,” as worn by Valerie Perrine in the YMCA scene in the 1980 Village People movie, Can’t Stop The Music?

Never would there be a more Karen sweatshirt in the history of sweatshirts.


What’s that? You’d like to watch the entire music video of that YMCA scene? Yes, yes you would: