I went to exactly one class about forcing bulbs but I guess it stuck with me: In November, I ordered some exotic paperwhites and an amaryllis from the company the instructor recommended, Brent and Becky’s Bulbs. I got them planted up almost a month ago [why yes, I did consult my garden journal for the date] and the amaryllis is really popping:

I’m going to try to keep him going after he blooms—amarylli can live for years—so fortunately, Brent and Becky sent a lot of helpful literature on how to do that.

My pals Brent and Becky also had a few varieties of paperwhites I hadn’t seen before, with yellow centers (and one all-yellow kind, too!). This is “Winter Sun” on New Year’s Day; they’re all about a foot taller now and allllmost ready to go:

Brent and Becky might get some more of my money for the summer, since they have elephant ears and I’ve wanted to try those in the summer pots since seeing them in planters downtown …