Since I’m alive and have social interaction with other people, I’ve heard about March Madness. Because this is generally my reaction to team sports, I’ve never participated in filling out brackets and picking the winning teams.

But now,  Out of Print has come up with “Book Madness,” in which they pair both heroes and villains of literature. You get to pick who will “win” and advance to the next round, and let me tell you: I get it now, basketball fans.  Filling out this bracket was awesome. You can see my picks for “Final Four” and the champion below:

Final bracket
(It was a close match between Holmes and Jane, but Holmes beats everything. Even the ultimate evil.)

You have to create an account to fill out the bracket, but it’s worth it if you’re a book nerd (and you get a discount code for a book t-shirt). Since these “teams” can’t actually play each other, the winners of each round will be voted on, so your account lets you weigh in there, too.

I’ll have to remember how much I enjoyed this bracket when people at work start talking about the basketball kind. Thanks for the moment of insight, Book Madness!