My summer reading bug has finally kicked in, just a few months late. After my last progress report on the “reading a new book a month” thing, I made up for lost time by reading THREE books in ONE month. I was so proud of my reading prowess–until the significant other pointed out, “They are children’s books. And look at the size of the type.” 
Yes, I read The Hunger Games trilogy. The first one was good, the second one seemed to repeat the first, and the the third one got even more violent and didn’t wrap up political parts to my satisfaction. 
But at least I’m reading again. And in the spirit of summer books, I’m keeping everything non-challenging. These are the two I currently have from the library: 
Yes, that is the tenth “novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes” and yes, I have read the rest of them. 
This is about going to college, but it’s Magic College and there’s a lot more swearing and no scarves and it’s set in New York, so it’s nothing like Harry Potter. Nope.
Anyway, to sum up, I’m reading books. Oh my gawd!