I don’t have a before shot of the latest house project I roped my dad into, but (like everything he touches) it’s about 1000% nicer than it was.

The house has an insulated but unfinished basement. Getting it finished is still a ways off, but the windows down there were truly scary–the insulation had just been cut out around them. The exposed fiberglass was kinda falling down, trapping dust and spider carcasses, and it just looked janky and dirty, despite being new.

So my dad figured out a way to put trim around the two windows down there and finish them off nicely:


They’re even caulked and everything! Plus he washed the windows. Twice.

Next up is getting a big rug and some IKEA cutting tables down here to make the space usable for projects. With those nice windows, I’ll be happy to spend time down here. Thanks, Dad!