(Levin is meeting his son for the first time after Kitty has given birth in Chapter 15. I have not met my nephew yet–I think he changed his mind–but it seemed likely last night so I got this typed up.)

Levin, gazing at this tiny piteous being, vainly searched his soul for some indications of paternal feeling. He felt nothing for it but repulsion. But when it was stripped and he caught a glimpse of thin, little arms and legs saffron-colored, but with fingers and toes and even with thumbs distinguishable from the rest; and when he saw how, as though they were soft springs, [the midwife] bent those little arms which stuck up, and encased them in their linen garments, he was so filled with pity for that being, and so alarmed lest she hurt it, that he tried to restrain her hand.
The odd-looking little face wrinkled up still more and the baby sneezed…What [Levin] felt towards this little creature was not at all what he had anticipated. There was nothing merry or joyful in it; on the contrary, there was a new and distressing sense of fear. It was the consciousness of another vulnerable region. And this consciousness was at first so painful, the fear lest that helpless being should suffer was so strong, that it quite hid the strange feeling of unreasoning joy and even pride which he experienced when the baby sneezed.