As you know, I’ve been looking at houses for many months now, telling myself that I’ll let go of things like new construction, a second bathroom, a finished basement, and lately even a garage in order to live in my preferred area–close to downtown and easily walkable and bikeable.

That area features houses ranging from 1890 to about 1940–and I’ve seen the whole range, with different degrees of upkeep. I was looking at one from 1919 a couple weeks ago and the voice of reason in my head spoke up.

It said, “Karen, keep your life from turning into Grey Gardens in 20 years. Buy a house that won’t immediately fall apart around you.” And then it said, “You don’t walk or bike that much anyway–and it’s not like you’re moving to Daybreak.”

So that’s why I’m checking out two houses built in 2007 tonight. They’re south of 21st South (gasp) but they have things like powder rooms, and insulation, and bathrooms that are attached to your bedroom (!), and garages that are attached to your house (!!).

Did you know that most newer houses have ALL of those things BUILT IN? Can you imagine?