I spent most of Saturday Kon Mari cleaning the sewing and knitting supplies. There isn’t as much of a dramatic reveal with this room as there was with the closet because the majority of the craft detritus was stuffed in boxes–notions I’d inherited from friends, fabric scraps from projects ten years ago, patterns that aren’t my measurements anymore, yarn that only had a few yards left in the ball, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. 

So I went through all the boxes and bins and got those sorted. And I folded all the fabric to sit on the shelf vertically (except for the knits on the top shelf), which is one of my favorite Magic Tidying ideas.IMG_6322

I even got all the thread out of a box and onto a thread rack, which of course has to go in rainbow order.

(That’s not really a Kon Mari rule, though; that’s just me.)