I have very few pictures for my time off but a lot happened, not all of it great: I stained the deck but didn’t get new outdoor cushions made (or a trip swimsuit); I saw a lot of friends but also had to log in to work to write an “emergency” email and manage a “crisis” about a tradeshow booth; I did my quick trip to Lava Hot Springs but worried about Toby for most of it, since we heard from the vet about his second blood test and he does indeed have feline diabetes.

So I also added “read all about treatment, schedule a vet tech appointment to learn how to do the injections, and visit a compounding pharmacy to pick up a cat-sized vial of insulin” to the list for my time off. The appointment and first injection is tomorrow and I’m hopeful that he’ll start improving really soon.

Anyway, here’s a picture of a waffle from a place in Lava Hot Springs called “Lava Waffle,” which has been repeating itself in my head since yesterday. “Lavawaffle… lavawaffle… lavawaffle…”