Yes, it’s time for the week-long wrap-up of this year’s goals. The first thing?

1. Walk, bike, or do yoga once a week.
Final verdict on this one: I like exercise! It makes me feel good! Anyone who hasn’t spent her life reading and/or in an office chair already knows this, but I’ve finally realized it. So what have I been doing? A weekly hike (even in the cold! although I’ve only made it out twice this month so far) and yoga once or even twice a week.

Yoga, of course, lets my inner hippie go wild; but I’m really seeing a lot of mental benefits, too. It also comforts the worrier in me, knowing that being old and alone holds a lot fewer terrors if you have muscle mass and crazy flexibility.

As for hiking, buying a house by Millcreek wasn’t planned but I’m so glad I did. There are plenty of shorter trails that fit into a weekend schedule, but because the canyon’s pretty steep, you get a lot of exercise for your time. The terrain is varied, the views are great, and you get to see lots of happy dogs and generally nice owners. (Another bonus for solo hikers who worry: You can believe a dog will sniff you out pretty quickly should you fall off a trail or something.)

I haven’t ridden my bike much but I can always add MORE exercise in next year.