Since today is the 30th (yikes), I thought it would make sense to wrap up the 30 Things today. Like last year, there’s only about a 50% success rate, but this year there are other things that I’m proud of that cancel out not buying home furnishings or going to restaurants:
– I found a house to buy.
– I didn’t drunk-dial or drunk-email or drunk-text any ex-boyfriends. (I am inordinately proud of that.)

But on to the list I put up at the beginning on the year–green is accomplished, yellow is a sort-of accomplished, and red is a no. Commentary is in italics.

  1. Put the money that I was using to pay off debt into savings for a down payment on some sort of house, townhouse, or condo. DONE! I just dipped into the down payment fund for earnest money and a construction deposit. Hooray for a year of saving!
  2. Learn about real estate and home buying through the Utah State Extension classes. Done! Real Estate for Dummies worked for me!
  3. Stop buying non-essentials (ready-made clothes, really expensive fabric, shoes, magazines, etc.) for three months (months TBD) I made it a month and then set some limits, and then I fell for J. Crew again.
  4. Buy that Eames desk chair. I’ll use the money I’ll be saving from not buying any non-essentials. I do have a new desk, which I needed more than a chair, so I’m calling this done. (On most home furnishings, I just decided to wait and see what happened with the house hunt.)
  5. Buy that damn garbage can already. See above.
  6. Buy a living room chair–armless, small-ish, but comfy. This will help with seating to accomplish #22. Done!
  7. Sew new pillow covers for the living room. Done!
  8. Buy a vacuum. Done!
  9. Refresh my yoga skills and then…
  10. Start doing yoga once or twice a week. Kind of done. I started in June and then slacked off in the late fall and winter, but at least I went enough to realize that I need to go more.
  11. Get recycling at the apartment. I haven’t had it for three years and I’m tired of feeling guilty every time I throw away some junk mail. Not done. Sorry, Earth–but soon I should have my own recycling!
  12. Similarly, bring in some actual flatware for the break room at work to cut down on waste. Also not done. Apparently I’d rather feel guilty than go to a thrift store…
  13. November-March, walk or ride to work at least twice a month. April-September, up it to at least four times a month. Fail on this one. I guess this was the year of Looking At Houses On The Internet Instead Of Exercising.
  14. Eat at one new restaurant a month–any meal, but it has to be somewhere I haven’t been before. I kind of lost count, but I know I didn’t go where I planned. I think I’d have a better success rate if I could go to restaurants alone…
  15. Eat at Red Iguana. Never mind. I’m over you, Red Iguana.
  16. Go to Bonneville Speed Week. No. It seemed like too much of an insider’s club to just drive out to, and the lack of info about it didn’t help.
  17. Go to a roller derby game. Done–but demolition derbies are better.
  18. Stop biting my fingernails (I mean it this year). DONE! DONE! DONE! All it took was some color…
  19. Wear more colors of lipstick than “pink” and “darker pink.” I bought red lipstick…
  20. Find a perfume I want to wear regularly. Done!
  21. Stock and maintain a home bar and keep it stocked. No drinking it up and not replacing it. Done! Yay, booze!
  22. Have more people over to the apartment–not huge parties, but a few people for dinner, or drinks before a restaurant, etc. I was being really social (for me) at the beginning of the year but petered out in spring and summer. I am planning on my New Year’s party, though.
  23. Learn more about wine. The wine class in January will have to count.
  24. Learn and retain the difference between whisk(e)y, bourbon, and scotch. They’re all whiskey. Bourbon and scotch are just variations of it. (Thanks, Jason!)
  25. Learn and retain the difference between brandy and cognac. Likewise, cognac is just a particular type of brandy (from the Cognac region, AOC.)
  26. Get my eyes checked again, update my prescription, and start wearing glasses in front of the computer. Not yet, but they haven’t been bothering me as much.
  27. Find a dermatologist to look at a couple of moles, if only so I can stop worrying about skin cancer. Um, no. But on the medical front I will schedule a visit with ENT before the end of the year (hello, tonsillectomy 2012!)
  28. Learn how to can fruits, veggies, or jam. Done! I canned all sorts of things!
  29. Get a better camera. I’ve picked out a replacement but I just haven’t bought it yet.
  30. Go to Moab and/or Zion. No. Again, I’d have a better success rate if I went alone, but going on vacation alone when you have a roommate is fun and exciting; going when you live alone is just more of the same, minus your darling cat.