Evan Goldfine is working his way through Bach’s catalog over the course of a year and sending a newsletter about it. I’m always here for a Bach project and clicking through the archives so far is a lot of fun. He’s not a music scholar, just some guy who likes Bach, and he makes great use of embedded clips to compare recordings or say things like, “In the Fourth Concerto, Bach gives a shredding break to the first violin in the opening movement.”

There’s even a fun “if you like this kind of music, try this kind of Bach” post in there, and he says this, which–as a fellow insufferable opinion-having 20 year old–is true enlightenment:

I’m way less insufferable about my musical opinions than I was in my 20s, which is good for me, my friends and family, and now you, my readers. Whatever works for you, that’s great!