I don’t talk about my love of Frank Herbert’s Dune universe very much because it’s just too hard to explain, but this piece from The Outline does a good job summing up why it’s hard to sum up and why it’s the best thing to love: The Only Good Online Fandom Left is Dune

Beyond that, Dune is not a corporate cash cow, and being a fan doesn’t carry with it that icky feeling you’re doing an unpaid PR internship for Disney or AT&T Time Warner. You’re not being cultivated when you make a Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohaim Appreciation Thread, the way you are when you do something similar for, like, Harley Quinn or Groot. Nor are you helping billionaires whitewash their crimes if you point out politically positive aspects of the series, like its environmentalism or its bone-deep skepticism of leader cults.

Also, the article linked to the Dank Dune Memes Twitter account (yep) and it’s my new favorite thing. There never was a more accurate image for me: